Into the wild - 'Kappukadu"

It was a pristine dawn. I could hear the birds chirping and those stream of bubbles from the gurgling river. My ride through kappukadu forest was on the back of an elephant. It was the thick mist I focused more on. It filled me with a sense of anticipation & curiosity towards my journey. I was surprised to witness the order between the mahout and the elephant, the sight taught me the depths of faith. More like how a baby trust his mother. I had never before exposed to the discipline of animals

A mighty big heart

The land along the edges of a river was a place meant for elephant's bath. I was welcomed to the site near by. To bath a mighty animal wasn't an easy task yet it seemed so effortless. Adding to the fun I too sprinkled water with the other mahouts. The best part was when the elephant itself squirted water with the trunk!

"Kani's" Miraculous plant

When I moved further I saw a lot of small animals inhabited the woods while I was more curious among the people who lived inside the forest and showing great enthusiasm in showcasing their biggest assets. A highly potent medical plant called Arogypacha, a small plant with numerous benefits. I clicked a few photographs of every interesting asset they owned and took care of.

Indigenous 'Kani' tribe

I felt immense happiness when I was introduced to their small hut and given heartfelt greetings. It didn't take much time for me to arrive in a sense of belongingnes among the tribe. The best language ever exchanged was love. Kanni tribe had mastered it. I kept on seeking though I didn't know what exactly I was going to find among those people and thick forest but it was certainly something worth.


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